8 Examples of J.J. Cuteness...

Sometimes it's good to think about the great mom moments that have nothing to do with major milestones. Like these quirky things J.J. has been doing lately that crack me up...

1. He uses the pronoun "We" to refer to himself. As in: "Can we have a snack?" "We're so handsome." "We don't want to put on pajamas." So cute -- then again, what if he's got a weird Gollum/Smeagol split personality thing going? At least it would get my genes off the hook for his mood swings.

2. His active imagination. He told my husband one day that "mommy's a coyote." Another time I asked him how his day was and he said he was in a rocket ship in outer space. And last week, he woke up in the morning laughing because "mommy's in the hay." I'd love to be in his head for just one day.

3. He likes things to be right. Maybe it's the editor in me, but I think it's hilarious when someone tries to tease him by singing the wrong words to something (i.e. "Old McJJ had a farm...), and he corrects them. "No, Aunt Lynda -- it's Old Macdonald!"

4. The way he'll eat anything as long as it's classified as a snack. If you say, "J.J., let's go have a chicken, peas, and salad snack," he'll run to his high chair. But dinner? Forget it.

5. He figures things out. He put my computer to sleep. He cues up his shows on my DVR. And I think he's starting to understand that letter sounds put together make words. Sometimes he scares me!

6. Talks like an adult. Some typical things overheard in my house: "This doesn't taste good." "I don't think so, Mommy." "Let's relax for a minute." "We can clean up tomorrow." Oh really, now?

7. Sings in a high-pitched voice. Too funny! But he really has a good ear and can follow a tune.

8. Cracks up at random. It's tough to get him to laugh, but the strangest things can set him off and days later, he'll still laugh when reminded. Like when his Aunt Melissa told him that he's going to turn blue from eating blueberries. Gets him every time.

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